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Women’s Confessions: 3 REASONS Why Missionary is The BEST Position

I have amissionary sex postion friend (woman), a sexologist who always consults my sex life. She always updates my sex drive status, the positions we’ve done with my hot girlfriend (oh god, I remember her body!), and other stuff related to SEX!


To be honest, I sometimes get annoyed. But hey! Perhaps that’s a real friend, and to make everything clear here… I sometimes fantasize that we should have some time too. (Just me and her!) Why not? Oops! Forget that…

Anyway, the last time she consulted me, she shared her experiences having discussion with some of the bewitching sex goddesses of Sydney best escorts. (Yeah, I’ve heard them before.) And what surprised me are their opinions on why “Missionary” is their ultimate favorite! What?! Why?

1. Having More Control


As what I’ve known, it’s not the missionary who really conquers the sex authority position for women. It’s actually the cowgirl (women on top). So, it’s very surprising to hear other ladies considering the vanilla as that’s the style they’re the most in-controlled!

I did some research and I found out that women (not just men) are indeed powerful in this sex action! When their butt is grabbed by men, women can control the pace – exactly the way she desires to, with just a snap of a wrist.

But one more thing, it’s not just one sided. Guys have the power, too! And this is one of the best parts of vanilla – a great time for both partners in switching the CONTROLLER seat.

2. The Variations


When it comes to missionary, perhaps, nobody would deny its countless variations and easy transitions! In fact, it’s one of the sex pleasures that can be incorporated by various bedroom tools and combinations of other positions. Probably, this is one of the reasons why most ladies crave for this.

My friend shared some of the variations of missionary; coital alignment, pillow under the butt, and ankles up.

Do those escorts really love to do those angles? What do you think?

3. Intimacy and Tactility


Perhaps, this is the ultimate answer. It’s obvious. Experiencing this pleasure can bring more intimacy and tactility – physical contacts that forge emotional closeness. Men can feel every small movement of the women’s hips pushing up against their chests.

So, ready to intensify missionary with your lady? Welcome to the old-fashioned missionary!

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