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Why You Shouldn’t Withdraw During Intercourse

Craving for a hookup but not interested to use condom? Well, how about if you impregnate your poor partner? Maybe the pulling-out method could work. However, according to experts, aside from it being risky, withdrawal can’t give you any form of protection.

Only a condom can protect you against an unplanned pregnancy as well as from transmission of sexual diseases. Pretty sure, no one from among the seductive Sydney Best Escorts would want their lovers to pull out. So, better use condom always.  

77What You Need To Know About Withdrawal During Coitus

No sex authority in his/her right mind will claim that pulling out is an effective form of contraception. Although one in every three dudes perform it to remain ‘baby-free’, still the method is considered highly dangerous. Here’s why.

They say there are two ways on how to use the method – first is using it perfectly, and second is using it typically.

A perfect withdrawal refers to pulling out during lovemaking just before you ejaculate. So, you’d think that nothing of your semen gets inside your lady’s vagina, or somewhere around her vulva.

Researchers predict 4 percent odds of your girl to become pregnant within a year as this was the findings in a study which involved couples using the method. Nonetheless, you may not be able to predict precisely when you’re going to cum. Or else, your pre-cum might contain a bunch of very eager sperm which is just lurking in the corner and waiting for the chance to enter the tunnel. That’s why, withdrawal is still risky!

A typical withdrawal is commonly practised, where pulling-out may have been too late because you didn’t see it coming, or otherwise, you had no control over your ejaculation. The chances of pregnancy in this case is 22 percent according to studies.

3 Factors To Consider In Pulling Out

As a respected sex adviser observes, the success of withdrawal depends upon three factors: ability, motivation, and willpower to implement it. Now, if predicting your ejaculation time can be pretty tough, it’s even tougher to react in time!  What makes it worse is that, sperms love to ‘move it’.

We all know that sperms are perpetually wiggling and enjoys swimming around. Just a little bit of semen lodged near your partner’s love hole can make those wriggling things swim inside. How risky could it be!

The next time you’re banging your bed mate or even the steamy Private Sydney Escorts, make sure to leave her vaginal area clear of semen, whether when pulling out or when removing your rubber.

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