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The Different types of Orgasms

All passionate women wants variety in their sex life. To experience different kinds of orgasms certainly spices up a woman’s monotonous and lacklustre love life. Sydney Escorts know fully well that sex toys, vibrators included, help them enjoy more sexual climaxes.

Sydney Best EscortsThese give them more opportunities for orgasm. Using a variety of them definitely makes intercourse with their lovers more intense and of course, enjoyable. Unfortunately, not too many women know about the types of orgasms. All they ever know is, orgasm is a must for every lovemaking, something they have to work hard for to feel intoxicating pleasure.

People say there could be twelve, twenty types, even more. Whether you’re doing it single-handedly for self pleasure or with a partner, chances are, you might not know what type of frenzy you’re having. But, one thing is clear, there are basically four types and there are vibrators made specifically to achieve a certain type of climax.

Vaginal orgasm

This is achieved when the G-spot is hit directly. To arouse that frontal vaginal wall, choose the vibrator that has a specific shape and unique appearance. Intended for G-spot massage, it has a flattened or widened surface at the tips, focusing vibrations and pressure to where you want them most.

Clitoral orgasm

As the term suggests, you get the extra ‘oooh’ when your clitoris is stimulated, whether you’re self- indulging or done by your significant other. If you or your partner don’t know how, then grab a petite palm-sized toy to explore the pleasures you’re craving the most. It’s the perfect intimate toy for the total newbie.

Blended orgasm

This type refers to the gratification you experience from internal and external massage. The dual action vibe, also known as rabbit-style vibe gives you the best of both worlds. Featuring an internal as well as external massage point, this fantastic sex playmate is available in large numbers at your favourite shops.

Multiple orgasms

A man, once he has exploded, cannot sustain his erection for an extended period. Hence, a wearable vibrating massager will just be too perfect to ensure that his lady sustains her steamy sensations long after his rigidity has sobered.

Undeniably, orgasm is not the be all and end all, but it’s something all women should enjoy more often. For that, Sydney adult entertainment urges you guys to purchase sex toys, for these are a great way to add more spice to your sex life.

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