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Sydney Best Escorts | What Is Good Sex According To The Zodiac Signs?

What is astrology for? Well, people study the movements and positions of heavenly bodies so that they will know how these can influence human affairs and our world as well.

So, what comes instantly to your mind when you hear the word? Perhaps, zodiac signs or horoscope, right? Do you believe in astrology, too? Ask any of the impressive Sydney Best Escorts if they ever read their horoscope for the day to see if business is brisk!

A lot of people refer to their astrological forecast before they start the day, thinking that they get lucky if they follow what it says, or otherwise, they experience bad luck, if not followed. However, did you know that astrology is all the more useful when it comes to sex? Maybe, you haven’t heard of this, but, each zodiac sign has a definition of good sex. Below are just some:

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Aquarius – January 20-February 18

Sex that’s erotic. One born under the sign needs either a sex that furnishes her/him with a spiritual experience, or else, one that confirms feelings for each other, mostly erotic yet strange.

Pisces – February 19-March 20

Sex that’s passionate. Pisces people need to be entirely consumed by their sexual mates, want their experiences to be the epitome of intimacy and passion. Carnal desire should ever be present whether it’s a short-term hookup or a long-term union. They are attracted to the irresistible and irresponsible, at times.

Cancer – June 21-July 22

Sex that’s safe. Cancer-born folks always crave for love even if they won’t want sex all the time. If they do, they want it safe and protected, like being monogamous. Nevertheless, they let it all out once they know their partners are showing them genuine affection.

Libra – September 23-October 22

Sex that’s romantic. As Kings and Queens of romance and love, Libra persons want sex to be absolutely immersive and emotional. Meaning, they want sex as a whole – physical, emotional and everything in between. To them, wooing and sweeping them off their feet are a necessity.

Scorpio -October 23-November 21

Sex that’s intense. Those under this sign are likely to associate anything sexual with dark, deep and secretive feeling. Physical, or emotional, even mental intensity is what matters most. This shows in their wanting to be totally desired by their partners.

If you were born under any of these signs above, would you say it holds true to you? Wonder how the sizzling Sydney Best Escorts also define hot sex according to their own benchmarks!

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