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Sydney Best Escorts – Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits & Activities That Are Wrecking Your Libido

If you think that the desire to have sex is something weird or unnatural, think again. A person’s sexual desire is actually a mirror or a reflection of whether or not they’re attracted to someone. A person’s sexual desire or drive, which is referred to as the “libido”, is quite a complex mix of emotions and physical reactions. While some people have happy sex lives, others have problems with low libido, and this prevents them from having the sex life they truly want. To prevent your sex life from fully evaporating, here’s a reminder of a few of the unhealthy lifestyle habits that are killing your libido.

Libido – Sigmund Freud’s Famous Term

The word “libido” was actually coined by Sigmund Freud, history’s most famous psychiatrist. Freud was hailed as the father of psychoanalysis and he was also a doctor, physiologist and psychologist, and one of the 20th Century’s most influential thinkers. The word was initially used to describe just the sex drive. So if you’re terribly attracted to someone, or if you’re looking for a night with professional Sydney Best Escorts, then you know your libido is up and running.

Freud however, used the term to further describe the individual’s overall desire to create, as opposed to the desire to destroy. The great thinker’s more wide-reaching definition wasn’t widely used though, as most people today specifically refer to libido as the “sex “drive.

Sydney Best EscortsUnhealthy Habits And Activities That Can Ruin Your Libido

The person’s libido can be described as something fragile and very sensitive. It’s because if you don’t take good care of the mind and body and indulge in unhealthy lifestyle habits, then you’ll be surprised to one day find out that your libido’s gone kaput already! Here are a few of the many unhealthy lifestyle habits that can wreck your libido.

1. Not Enough Exercise. A person’s sexual response uses a lot of resources, from the muscles to the blood, nerves, endorphins and more. If these areas of the body are in poor shape, then your libido will be in bad shape too. So if you exercise and live a balanced lifestyle, then you’ll be sure to do very well in bed too.

2. Inadequate Sleep. The lack of sleep can also ring a death knell to your libido. It’s because if you’re tired, you’ll have limited energy resources required to do the vital bodily processes like eating, walking, thinking, doing certain tasks and having sex. If you constantly lack sleep, your body will likely tell your libido to wait, until it has got the energy back.

3. Unhealthy Diet. A diet rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats and other vitamin-rich stuff helps boost the libido. On the other hand, a diet high in saturated fat and junk food can lower or totally kill your libido.

4. Chronic Stress. For those who are just too busy with work, remember that stress can reduce or annihilate your libido. While a little bit of stress can prompt a person to have sex as an effective stress-reliever, being continually exposed to chronic stress can totally sour your sex drive.

To fight stress, and bring back your libido, you could try doing yoga and breathing exercises, as well as attend meditation classes. According to health experts, meditation sharpens the mind, increases creativity, improves emotional stability and enhances your sex life too.

According to sex therapists, a guy’s and girl’s libido is directly linked or tied to testosterone, of which men have forty times as much testosterone as women. This perhaps explains why men have a more aggressive sex drive, and it also explains why they flirt more, or hire the services of young and lovely Sydney Best Escorts.

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