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Sydney Best Escorts – Top 3 Ways to Pleasure a Girl the Right Way

It’s important that men know how to pleasure their partners the right way. This is most importantly if they want to have more sex with her in the near future, as warned by Sydney Best Escorts. Remember that women want to enjoy sex as much as guys do, thus it’s only right that you reciprocate the service. If you want to learn how to pleasure a woman like a pro, be sure the keep the tips below in mind. They’ll surely give you a huge boost!

Sydney Best EscortsEducate Yourself

The complex female anatomy should come with instructions. But it doesn’t – so it’s up to you to school yourself.  Learn your way around labia, read some lit on her clit, get g-spot certified. Each pleasurable part of her body should be treated as a separate entity and excited in a different way.

Understand that some women are naturally wet, while others (through no fault of your own) will need a little lubricant assistance. You’ll be surprised what you can do when you understand the mechanics. And how your interest in her physicality makes you considerably more attractive to her.

Communication Is Key

You’ve probably heard that women tend to reach their sexual peak in their forties. Partly responsible for this delayed sexual awakening is that it takes many women a long time to understand their bodies. Men tend to get comfortable with their genitals very early on in life while most women seem to have a subconscious fear of theirs.

Consequently it can take some time and a communicative and supportive sexual partner (that’s you) to help learn what feels good and feel okay talking about our desires. Ask her questions and make her feel comfortable answering them and that sexual peak may not be so far away.

Help Them Feel Comfortable

In a new relationship, female orgasm may be more elusive than in a long-term couple.  For women, there can be a lot of anxiety attached to the first few bedroom encounters. In reality, they’re nervous about you seeing their bodies, and even more nervous about you exploring them intimately. At the end of the day, they tend not to believe that their genitals are their most attractive feature. And most women find it very hard to believe that you could be gung-ho about going down on her. So if it is something you enjoy, you need to be incredibly persistent at convincing her that you can’t wait. Worship the way she looks, how she moves and the way she tastes, and she’ll loosen right up into orgasm.

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