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Sydney Best Escorts – The Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes Of 2015

2015 was definitely a very good year, especially for those who are looking for extra steamy movie sex scenes! While some sex scenes were quite shocking, there were a lot of great scenes to choose from. And with better lighting and wardrobe (and better acting), watching your favourite celebrities baring it all, was definitely worth the price of the movie ticket! Here’s a sampling of some of the steamiest movie sex scenes of 2015.

Sydney Best Escorts Spectre
We all know how easy it is for James Bond to get the hottest chicks in town. But in this latest Bond film, Monica Bellucci is one hot and sultry Italian actress, of which many are now even saying that she’s the Bond girl for the ages! Perhaps you could spot a Ms. Bellucci-look alike from the Sydney Best Escorts!

The Bronze
This Sundance flick about two retired gymnasts who fall in love, and have lots of steamy sex, truly deserves a gold medal! Just imagine two professional acrobats hooking it up!

The Boy Next Door
If you’re a Jeniffer Lopez fan, you’ll definitely love watching her undress, and get hot and steamy in this movie! Here, JLo tries to resist the sensual advances of the sexy, young titular character, but ultimately she fails to hold out. Soon, she’d wish that she’d never met the guy, who turns out to be a crackhead, and sadist!

Knock Knock
Here’s one movie that flirty single (and married) guys should watch, and learn a lot about – “Knock Knock”. Well, of course the threesome Keanu Reevs and the two hot strangers is dangerously hot, although it should give guys a good precautionary message – don’t ever have a threesome with two random chicks while your wife and children are away!

Here’s another movie from 2015 that shows a mind-blowing threesome scene – “Love”! Here, a couple discovers that they share the same sexual fantasy, which is to bring in another woman to bed with them! And that’s what the couple did, invite their neighbour over for some hot, and explicit sex!

Fifty Shades of Grey
While there are a lot of sex scenes in Fifty Shades, perhaps the steamiest would be the one where Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson share a bath, and wash each other clean! I guess after watching this, you’ll be raring to repeat the episode with your favourite Sydney Best Escorts!

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