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Sydney Best Escorts Stories: The Guy Who Bit Me

He said he liked to use his teeth and mouth.

I wasn’t intimidated. To me, all guys like to use their mouth, some a little teeth in between. I can take him. I was one of Sydney best escorts because I can make feel guys safe, whoever they are – with all their kinks and peculiarities in line. I’ve been told I’m not only pretty, but I also have a gift of making everyone around me at ease.

Sydney Best EscortsThe guy said on the phone he is around forty, local, recently-divorced, and wants release but not the strings attached. I couldn’t blame him – 14 years of marriage is not something you just get to move on. He specifically requested for someone who can take his bites. That’s how he described his sexual kink. His bites, like he’s a dog.

When I specifically told him over the phone to describe “his bites”, the answer was simple. “You know the normal biting, teeth on flesh, just to make my orgasm more intense. I kind of like it like that.”

He was classy. Dress shirt on a cardigan and casual jeans. Well put together, well groomed type of bod. I bet he played sports every now and then. He was a total DILF, with stubbles, and dark, hooded eyes. He was sexy. He has the start of a belly, the six pack abs which was once there slowly becoming four.

“Uhhhh”, I purred. He wasn’t kidding about the abilities of his mouth. He was making me moan more than I should ever have – his tongue skilfully kneading and treading its way on my sex. His fingers are inside me, hitting my precious spot every now and then. This was a man who knows what he’s doing. Whatever happened to his wife?

“You’re so wet.”

When he looked up from his ministrations, his face was glistening with both sweat and the start of my essence. I couldn’t compose a reply. I was so lost on the sporadic depths that his fingers were reaching – fucking me with short and long thrusts.

“I’m gonna enjoy fucking you, dear.”

I heard a note of patronising, and I will get him back about it. He lined up his heavy cock at my entrance, teasing me. Little did he know I am an expert at milking. I got him on his first thrust. I clenched, harder, and bucked against him.

“Fuck”, he exclaimed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

That served him right. I let him continue as I unclenched, letting go of his cock. He was thrusting, grunting, nipping and licking at my neck all at the same time. The combined sensations were great. It felt so good. As Sydney best escorts, I enjoy all forms of fucking. And these were one of them.

He continued his thrusts, and started sinking his teeth on my neck gently, at first. Jolts of electricity run through me. He was close. I was too. He dipped his mouth one last time, and bit a good chunk at the base of my neck.

I never creamed so hard my entire life.

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