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“I can’t be something important to him.” I muttered to myself. “I’m not.” It was a mantra. Something that I tell myself in order not to create a wide-eyed, fantastical fairy tale plot involving my clients. I have always been a dreamer. I liked to think my brain is a frustrated storyteller. It’s always actively plotting, making stories, fabricating lies.

Sydney Best EscortsIt was an interesting mix, my brain and my body. I was Sydney’s best escort, or I‘d like to think it that way. My reality was that I am paid for sex. My fantasy life is I am an heir to a great fortune and before I get to that fortune I needed to trade my body for every man that would want me. Foolish, asinine, inane, I know. But a girl can dream.

But I’m also a realist. I am practical, and I see things the way they really are. The guy who I am fucking, he was not it. He acted like he was it, but they always do. Men always seem to make themselves bigger than they really are. They’re peacocks, bolstering their image, when in fact there wasn’t an image to begin with.

He was thrusting furiously inside me. His bearded face was on the crook of my neck, his hands tightly clamping on my hips as he pounded away for release. The sensations are overwhelming, and I’m on the verge of becoming ticklish. Sometimes sex is too much to bear. It’s exhausting, it’s messy, and it’s incredibly awkward. But at times, it’s also majestic, glorious, and divine.

His purpose was only sex. No other thing. He was nearing his peak, his grunts, heavy breathing, and erratic thrusting are indicative of his impending release. I clamped him down, intensifying the sensations he was feeling. He grunted loudly, and immediately his seed spewed inside of me. It’s a good thing I’m always on the pill as some clients like to go bare.

In my mind, after the sex, he would intensely propose that I’d be his girl, which I was Sydney’s best escort and he couldn’t live without me. But that was not meant to be. Like many men before him, he pulled out, rolled onto his side of the bed and started to doze off.

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