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Sydney Best Escorts – Sex Positions That Promote Super-Deep Emotional Connections

While there are sex positions that allow for deeper penetration, or for more brazen displays of eroticism, there’s no question that there are sex positions too that help facilitate higher levels of emotional intimacy. In fact, such positions allow couples to go beyond their sensory experience, as it enhances the intimacy of their encounters, and fills them with more emotion. Here’s a look at a couple of sex positions that promote deeper emotional connections.

Slow Going

If you’re looking to achieve not just erotic satisfaction, but you’d also like to have a quite deeper connection with any lady out there, including your preferred Sydney Best Escorts, I guess you should try out this move called “Slow Going”!

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In this move, the guy is seated, with his legs extended and leaning back on his arms. The woman sits on top of him (facing him), leans back and extends her legs behind him. This position requires slow and gentle movements, which should help foster an electric emotional intimacy in not being able to move much!


In this position that’s sure to guarantee crazy emotional intimacy, the guy sits crossed-legged or in the actual Yoga-style Lotus position, and the lady gets on his lap, arms and legs wrapped around him. Both partners will eventually be entwined face to face, and the slower yet sensual movements are sure to turn up the heat too!

Hold Me

In this truly emotionally-gripping sex position, the guy holds the woman as if she’s just jumped into his arms. With her legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms around his neck, she moves slowly, while passionately kissing him, and romantically swaying too!

Hands Free

In this cool and emotion-stirring move, the guy sits on a chair, while the woman straddles him with her feet on the floor. This technique allows for heart-stirring face-to-face contact, and also allows for easy access for soft kisses or wild tongue-licking, as well as for easy touching everywhere!

Now, which emotionally-enhancing sex position would you be raring to try out tonight with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Sydney Best Escorts?

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