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Sydney Best Escorts – Secrets to Multiple Orgasms for Her

Did you know women take longer to reach their climax, but also are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms? It’s likely that you’ll get off just from hearing her reach the Big O herself. If you want to give your lovely partner that much pleasure, here are some tips from the ladies with Sydney Best Escorts.

Sydney Best Escorts

  1. Don’t forget to breathe. It may sound simple, but keeping your breathing even helps you maintain your pace and lessening the chances of you blowing your load early. If you come before she does, do you think she’s going to be feel satisfied? The obvious answer is ‘no’.

Pay attention to her breathing, and change your pace to match hers so she feels more connected to you. The more she feels connected, the easier she’ll find it to finish, and the higher her chances of experiencing multiple orgasms.

  1. Be present. If you want to respond to her moaning and writhing, you need to be fully in the moment. That means you can’t be thinking about, say, a review at work. When you’re present both physically and mentally, you can also help her stay focused on what she’s feeling.

Remember, though: don’t try anything new even if you’re dying to. It could distract you both instead of adding to your pleasure. Being fully present also means sticking with familiar territory – including familiar positions.

  1. Start foreplay as soon as possible. You’ll tire of hearing this eventually, but the more aroused she is, the closer she’ll be to cumming. You can start foreplay even before you meet up by sending her a text mentioning how badly you want her or what you want to do to her.

  1. Stimulate her clit. This is important since it’s almost impossible for women to orgasm just through vaginal stimulation. Touch and tease her – particularly while you’re thrusting away. Just don’t use too much pressure that it hurts instead; remember that the clit is pretty sensitive.

Done right, these will help you give your lovely partner the pleasure she’s looking for, and she’ll get to experience some mind-blowing orgasms. Of course, if you don’t have a committed partner but want to try these moves, browse the gallery at Sydney Best Escorts. You’re sure to find the perfect pleasure professional for you, today!

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