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Sydney Best Escorts | Remember These Tips and Avoid Crossing Lines in the Bedroom

No one wants to experiment with too much, too soon when they’re with someone new; after all, scaring your partner off in some way is an unwanted effect. But if you have your own preferences in the bedroom, is it possible to keep both the girl and the kink? Several women, including some of the Sydney Best Escorts, say that it’s possible.

Sydney Best EscortsSo here are their tips for finding out, subtly, if she’s okay with some acts, or if she needs time with some others.

  1. Oral sex. This can be a little confusing, because you may have read somewhere that women love it when their partners go down on them. However, you need to know that not all babes will be instantly okay with it. Some babes are oral sex virgins, so to speak, so putting your face near her privates will make her more than a little wary, if not uncomfortable.

To find out if she’s okay with you eating her out, pay attention to how she reacts when you start making your way down her body. If she stiffens up or brings her legs together even slightly, concentrate on some other area. Otherwise, go ahead to stroke and tease her down there for as much as she can handle.

  1. Dominance and submission. While women do like it when blokes take control in the bedroom, each babe has her own limit. Some, for example, can handle being tied up, while others are comfortable only if you’re pinning her to the bed using your hands – no ropes or cuffs. Still others don’t like to be tied down at all, but are still submissive to an extent.

Try gently but firmly holding her arms above her head. If she objects or tries to get free in some way, it’s too soon to try and tie her to the bed. If she only puts up token resistance, she’s putting on a show and she’d definitely welcome being tied up.

  1. Fetishes. Introducing your fetish to your partner can be more than a little awkward, depending on what it involves. Basically, something like a boob fetish will give you little to no trouble, but mention latex or leather and you may need more time.

In general, look at how open-minded she is about fetishes; that should give you a rough idea about how she’ll react to yours. This means that, if she makes fun of them in some way, don’t broach the subject just yet. Otherwise, mention it once or twice and see where things go.

When you make sure you don’t cross someone boundaries when it comes to sex, it tells them you’re a thoughtful lover. Even the Sydney Best Escorts don’t encounter a lot of those. That just means sex will never be the same for you – in a good way.

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