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Sydney Best Escorts – Prolong the Foreplay, and Enjoy Hotter Sex, New Study Reveals

Want to have hotter, more passionate sex that lasts all night? Perhaps you should prolong the pregame (Or what I meant was prolong the foreplay!). According to a recent study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Research, couples who fool around and engage in lots of foreplay before sex log more time in the sack than those who solely focus on intercourse!

Couples Who Kiss, Do Oral and Anything Else, Spent More Time in Bed

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Do you love kissing, nibbling, spooning, oral sex and doing other types of foreplay with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Sydney Best Escorts? Perhaps you should do so, because according to researchers, the couples who did everything spent the longest time in bed!

The study team asked more than 8,000 men and women on how long they have sex with their partners, and how much foreplay they engage in before doing the deed. The subjects were split into groups based on their usual, go-to sexual practices – Basic Sex (Kissing , cuddling, vaginal intercourse, Basic Plus Oral Sex, Just Intercourse, and All Inclusive (Which means they did everything plus manual stimulation).

The group which took home the honours were the All Inclusives, as they lasted an average of almost 30 minutes in bed, as compared to just 28 minutes for the Basic Plus Oral Sex group, 17.5 minutes for the Basic Sex group, and 11.5 for the Just Intercourse group!

The More Foreplay You Have, The Longer You’ll be Tangled Up in Bed
The researchers also stressed that the more foreplay you and your partner have, the longer you’ll be tangled up with her in bed, and the hotter sex will be. But if more pre-sex fondling leads to roughly 30 minutes of action, who’s complaining?

To take your foreplay to a much higher level, try these tips. First, hit multiple hot spots at once, as it will send her to ecstasy, and it will maximize your pleasure too. Next, try stroking your girlfriend, or lovely Sydney Best Escorts “A-spot”, which is located far inside the vagina, on the side closest to her belly button. Stroke it, and she’ll lubricate almost instantly!

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