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Sydney Best Escorts | Painful & Funny Facts About Sex-Related Injuries

Like any form of physical activity, sexual intercourse is also a highly-physical endeavour, which comes with its own set of injury risks. Although injuries can be prevented through advanced preparation and constant communication between couples, getting hurt while in the heat of passion is still a huge possibility. Here are a couple of painful and funny facts about sex-related injuries.

Sydney Best EscortsThe Top Injuries During Sex
According to health experts, the most common sex injuries today include carpet burns, pulled muscles, an injured back, a twisted knee or neck, sprained wrists or ankles, bent fingers and bruised shoulders. Perhaps it would help if you get the first-aid kit ready, before you and your spouse or favourite Sydney Best Escorts hit the sack.

A recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom has noted that a third of the country’s adult population has suffered an ache or strain during or after sex. Pulled muscles were the most common injury, followed by back injuries, carpet burns, twisted necks, bashed elbows or knees.

Forty percent of of the people who got injured also said they didn’t notice the injuries they got the morning after, while five percent had to be absent from work because of the injuries they suffered after having sex.

The Most Dangerous Places/Locations To Have Sex
Here’s a word of advice to those who just can’t stay within the confines of the bedroom – more people are getting injured from having sex in such dangerous places like the shower, kitchen table, lavatory, car, stairs, garden and work cupboard.

The sofa was also considered a very risky place to engage in lustful, erotic activity, because of the stuff that were left there. Wine glasses, broken tea cups, plates, knives and other bladed instruments were the main culprits behind the sofa injuries. One in ten people have also fallen off the bed during sex, while one in fifty said they’ve fallen off a washing machine during intense sex.

Penile Fractures Are Increasing, But They’re Not Actually Fractures
Another commonly reported sex injury is penile fractures. A broken or fractured penis is often manifested by a snapping, twisting sound, and subsequent dark bruising. However, these are not actually considered fractures, but are described as a massive tear in the tissue of the penis.

Penile fractures take place when an erect penis is suddenly, or forcefully bent, and it is estimated to affect 10 percent of males. To prevent this from happening, guys should refrain from doing any quick movements which could excessively bend the penis.

Stuck Foreign Objects
When using sex toys, bottles, veggies and other objects, guys and girls should remember that these can easily lodge into the vagina or anus. To prevent these from getting stuck in those areas, couples should use natural lubricants, because these help reduce friction, and cut the risk of small tears which can cause infections.

Most often, women won’t feel any pain until a few minutes or hours after sex, because the sexual arousal often raises pain tolerance levels. But if the cuts are big, and the bleeding doesn’t stop, couples should immediately seek medical attention.

So before doing any risky sexual activity with your romantic partner or preferred Sydney Best Escorts, always put a premium on safety, and keep the first-aid kit handy. By staying on the safe side, couples will be spared from the agony of enduring rug burns, leg cramps, bite wounds, stuck foreign objects, and even ruptured testicles.

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