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It’s hard to find the peSydney Best Escortsrfect woman to provide both companionship and mind-blowing sex, but the lovely vixens featured in the pages of Sydney Best Escorts definitely fit the bill. Well-trained in all things erotic and up for experimenting, these femmes make every moment worth it.

“Oh god-!”

I could hardly hear the music any more, an underlying rhythm that seemed to dictate the tempo and intensity of our movements. Her smooth thighs rose on either side of my head, limned in the low light, and I could feel her pert nipples brushing against my torso.

I reached to gently stroke her clit, her tender lower lips turgid and moist, and growing wetter as I ran my tongue over them. I could hear her groan with want, shapely hands squeezing the base. Her other hand was busy with a vibrator at my balls, and I wondered how I hadn’t come yet.

This weekend trip so far had been far different from others I’d taken before. This wasn’t the first time I’d engaged this lithe, well-formed beauty, for both her looks and her smarts. Somehow the sex tonight went beyond my expectations.

A peek of crimson through her tailored blouse earlier at dinner had hinted at tonight’s erotic escapade, the lacy material discarded enticingly once things started heating up. Her perfect breasts and firm ass were as I remembered them from before. I’d gotten harder just thinking of that first time.

Suddenly, she moved further down my body, burying my cock in her slick tightness; we both moaned our pleasure as she began grinding and rocking us both to more intense pleasure. Her inner walls tightened, then let go, rhythmic contractions that nearly drove me wild.

I sat up slowly, gripping her hips to keep us both steady, moving so that I could take her from behind. She didn’t object, pressing her ass back against my groin as I thrust in and out of her. “Harder-!” she breathed, a request lost in a moan as I fondled one of her breasts at the same time.

This was just the beginning.

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