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Sydney Best Escorts | Mutual Pleasure Tips – Secrets to a Sizzling 69

Whenever you’re with a stunningly gorgeous woman, you may find yourself at a loss for words, or unsure what to do. Some blokes, instead of being struck dumb, they stumble over their words. To put it another way, lovely babes like the Sydney Best Escorts you see online have a tendency to distract.

Sydney Best EscortsFortunately, this lasts for just a moment, and there are those ladies who know how to keep their partners on track, so to speak. Once the initial awkwardness is over, your steamy session is sure to be just that – hot and sizzling. One surefire way to help each other get ready for the main event is mutual oral. But how can you make sure you can pull this off without a hitch? Here are a few tips.

1. She stays on top. It’s a fact that men are usually heavier than women, since they pack more muscle mass. For this reason, it’s best that she stays on top. You don’t want to accidentally crush her while you’re going down on each other, right? This also ensures that you don’t accidentally kneel on her hair; if that happens, it will be more than a little painful, unfortunately.

It’s worth mentioning that if she stays upright, her nether regions will be more sensitive because of the blood rushing to it. Of course, an alternative to her being on top is to try a sideways 69. You both will need to use each other’s inner thigh as a pillow, and this position will draw out the session nicely.

2. Don’t touch her behind yet. There’s no real way to completely avoid her butt when it’s practically in your face. That doesn’t mean you have to explore that area right away. You don’t know whether she likes it in behind or not, after all.

Remember that some girls may not get a rush from rimming – so check with her first by touching the area around the hole. If she moves closer or moans, you’re in the clear. If she doesn’t, then leave the foray into butt play for next time. Otherwise, leave it alone. It’s better to wait for her to tell you she wants it, rather than try without her say-so and kill her arousal because she’s not into it.

3. Keep moving. This is the most important tip, but probably the most difficult to keep in mind. As you can imagine, it’s easy to give over to pleasure when she’s giving such awesome head. However, you still need to keep your part of the ‘deal’. It’s a position for mutual pleasure, so don’t stop teasing and pleasing her. Just make sure you breathe, slowly, so you don’t go over the edge too soon.

The next time you get frisky in the bedroom with a lovely vixen – whether you’re with a committed partner or one of the Sydney Best Escorts you find online – just remember these tips. Once you both have had enough, you can let passion take over.

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