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If you’ve heard of stories of women who literally gave up on their husbands or boyfriends in bed, and are now enjoying the company of vibrators and dildos, perhaps you haven’t heard of men who’ve practically given up on hooking up with real girls, and have become so in love with sex dolls. Here’s a look at a couple of men who either use their dolls as mere photographic objects, or use them to fulfil their deep, dark erotic fantasies.

Sydney Best EscortsDave And “Shishan”
Some guys have practically given up on dating real-life women, and others have even thrown away the notion of dating hot and sexy Sydney Best Escorts! One American guy Dave lives with his parents, and his doll named “Shishan” at home.

“My love doll has a removable tongue, and has two faces, one has opened eyes while the other one has closed eyes,” notes Dave. “As a child, I was so obsessed with store mannequins, and this became the start of my fascination with sex dolls.

Shishan has been with me for six years already, and she has no qualms about making love for as often as I please. But when her limbs got loose, I sent her to the shop for repairs, and it often takes 3 weeks before I see her back again. I feel so bad whenever Shishan and I are separated for weeks.”

Everand And His Beloved “Virginia”
Another man in the US owns several dolls, but he counts a doll named “Virginia” to be among his favourites. “I regularly change her face, so she can either be awake or asleep,” notes Everand. “I also take them my dolls out on daily excursions, or we just spend time together in the park, or in the woods.”

One of the reasons why Everand prefers love dolls more than real women is that “pretty women in real life are not interested in me, so I pretend that the dolls truly like me and find me appealing.”

Deerman and “Erica”
“Deerman” says he became interested in sex dolls after losing his wife to cancer a couple of years ago. “After my wife’s demise, I struggled to meet another partner, so I bought a doll who looked liked my wife, and I called her Erica,” Deerman quips.

“And though I had one girlfriend who initially didn’t mind sitting down for lunch or dinner with Erica, she felt weird after doing this for a week, and so she broke up with me.”

Contrary to popular belief, many of today’s sex doll owners say they are so satisfied with their lives, as compared to the rest of the population, and they don’t suffer from anxiety or mental illness, too.

Yet, if a sex doll isn’t enough to satisfy your deepest and darkest sexual fantasies, then perhaps it would help if you check out the pages of Sydney Best Escorts, to find sultry and sexy, as well as living and breathing ladies, in your part of town!

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