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What is foreplay, and how important is it for couples? Well, if you don’t know the answers to these, then you were probably born in the Middle Ages. Foreplay is defined as “any act that creates and enhances sexual desire, and includes kissing, touching, embracing, teasing, talking etc.” The term’s definition though can be quite flexible, and may depend on the person’s beliefs and preferences. Let’s look at some hair-raising facts and details about foreplay.

Sydney Best EscortsThe Lips, Jawline, Torso, Inner Thighs Are Ultrasensitive To Touch
According to sex experts, the border around the person’s lips called the buccal nerve, is very sensitive to touch. This part of the body is also a strategically erogenous zone for both men and women. Perhaps you need to check out this body part soon, when making love to your spouse, or some hot and lovely Sydney best escorts.

The entire region between the jaw line and shoulders is also highly sensitive, and the area where the neck connects with the collarbone is also very highly-charged for foreplay.

The side of torso (starting from the bottom of the rib cage to the hips) is also a super-charged erogenous zone, because touching it stimulates a powerful nerve which causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract, and thus increase sexual arousal.

The top of the inner thigh is also an erogenous zone, because this is where the ilioinguinal nerve is located. This means that touching the area during foreplay indirectly stimulates the genitals.

Food Acts As a Foreplay
Sex researchers have also confirmed that feeding your romantic partner or escort aphoridisiacs such as chili pepper, asparagus, oysters, avocado and chocolate can quickly turn them on. And while there are no clear-cut studies yet on the aphrodisiac properties of food, it’s been proven a lot of times that food can certainly act as foreplay.

Sydney Best EscortsMost People Consider Touching As A Sign That Their Partner Wants Sex
According to the Journal of Sex Research, 100 percent of women and 95 percent of men considered touching as the number one method for knowing that their partner wants to have sex.
In another sex survey, 90 percent of men said that the sexiest, or biggest turn on, was when the woman takes the sexual initiative. Well, most women will agree that foreplay is essential to achieving an orgasm, because only 30 percent of ladies are able to reach an orgasm through intercourse alone.

Foreplay Involves The Brain Too
Sex experts often point out that foreplay involves more than just touching or physical interaction, because it also includes the brain. For those who are unaware of it, the brain is actually the largest sex organ, that’s why fantasizing, and even sending naughty texts and emails, are a healthy part of foreplay.

A Durex survey done in 2008 also revealed that it’s not the Americans, but the French, who have the most sex in a year, at 137 times. This figure is well above the global average of 103 times per year.

The British spend the most time on forelay, at 22.5 minutes, followed by the Germans. The Thais spend the least time on foreplay, at just 11.5 minutes. So the the next time you call the lovely and hot Sydney best escorts, make sure you further polish your foreplay skils, so that both of you will have a truly hot and steamy time in bed.

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