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Sydney Best Escorts | Egalitarian Couples Have Better Sex Lives, According to a New Study

Gone are the days when the men leave the household chores to the ladies, especially if they want to keep the spark alive in the bedroom, because a new study reveals that egalitarian marriages (in which couples split household chores equally) have way better sex lives than the rest! Read on to find out the other surprising results of the study.

Sharing the Work is Sexy
Ask any of your hookup buddies, as well as your favourite Sydney Best Escorts, on whether they like guys who don’t share the household workload with them, and I guess all of them would say NO!

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According to a study conducted by sociologists at the University of Washington, men who did traditionally household chores like cleaning, cooking and laundry, had more sex than those who stuck to ”manly” activities!

The study team also noted that heterosexual couples who split their chores were at least as happy with their sex lives as couples where the women shouldered much of the domestic burden. Egalitarian couples also had sex at least as often as couples in more traditional gender arrangements.

Sexual frequency Rose in Couples Who Shared Domestic Work Equitably
A study conducted in 2006 called the Marital and Relationship Survey, notes that sexual frequency rose in couples who had a more equitable approach to dividing housework. The couples who reported sharing housework equally had sex 6.8 times per month on average, which is 0.5 times more per month than those with more conventional arrangements, and more than twice as often as couples who reported that men did more of the house work.

The researchers noted that today’s sexual scripts have been realigned to value sharing the housework load over role specialization, and that sharing household work is now perceived as a sexual turn-on!

So who says that sharing is unsexy? Perhaps your hookup buddies, as well as the hot and sexy Sydney Best Escorts already knew of this much earlier than you did!

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