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For men, sex drive is something to be proud of – to the point that if it drops, it becomes a cause for concern. Unfortunately, there’s only so much a partner, even one of the gorgeous babes at Sydney Best Escorts can do to keep a bloke’s sex drive up during a heated session.

Sydney Best EscortsWhile seeing an escort is one way to cure low libido, there are other ways. Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure you’re up for some bedroom fun, whenever you have the opportunity.

1. Be active. Some ladies have noted that men who get little to no exercise over the week don’t enjoy sex as much as those who are even moderately active. The latter also seem to have more energy throughout a sexual encounter, compared to the former.

This means that, for you to be sure you last more than a few minutes in bed, you need regular exercise over the week. That’s because being active increases blood flow, meaning you get harder faster when you’re aroused, making sex more pleasurable. Exercise also boosts your endorphins, giving you more energy and helping you feel good all around.

2. Put your things away. When you were younger, getting down and dirty, or even just making out was usually done with books, projects, and maybe some laundry strewn about the room. Once you graduate, however, you need to ‘keep house’ more. Not having things in their proper place isn’t conducive to arousal, experts say.

At the very least, your kitchen, couch, and bedroom need to be clutter-free; after all, you don’t want to roll over and find yourself cut or stabbed by stray sharp items.

3. Get enough sleep each night. Several females have mentioned that blokes who didn’t sleep much the night before weren’t up for it – literally and figuratively. Or, if they did get hard, they didn’t last as long. At least 6 hours of sleep are needed each night; less than that, and it can cut down on hormones, especially testosterone.

These are just a few of the reasons men’s libidos go down, and how to counter them; still, they’re the most common. So if you want to increase your sex drive, follow these tips. Then you can browse the gallery at Sydney Best Escorts without worrying whether or not you’ll enjoy the session.

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