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Sydney Best Escorts – 4 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Many people associate a healthful lifestyle with habits that are not always the most fun, say, grueling workouts, skipping desserts, and opting for meal replacement products, among others. However, according to Sydney Best Escorts, this is a huge misconception, as many of the healthiest habits are also among the most rewarding. Take sex, for example. It counts as moderately intense exercise plus it boosts numerous aspects of both physical and mental health. As long as you’re engaging in safe-sex practices, increasing your sexual activity is a surefire strategy to better health!

Sydney Best EscortsBelow are the top 4 health benefits you get from sex.

Improved Immunity

People who have sex frequently (one or two times a week) have significantly higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA). Keep in mind that your IgA immune system is your body’s first line of defense. Its job is to fight off invading organisms at their entry points, reducing or even eliminating the need for activation of your body’s immune system. This may explain why people who have sex frequently also take fewer sick days.

Heart Health

Men who made love regularly (at least twice a week) were 45 percent less likely to develop heart disease than those who did so once a month or less, according to one study, Sexual activity not only provides many of the same benefits to your heart as exercise but also keeps levels of estrogen and testosterone in balance, which is important for heart health.

It’s a Form of Exercise

Sex helps to boost your heart rate, burn calories and strengthen muscles, just like exercise. In fact, research recently revealed that sex burns about 4 calories a minute for men and 3 for women, making it (at times) a ‘significant’ form of exercise.5 It can even help you to maintain your flexibility and balance.

Pain Relief

Sexual activity releases pain-reducing hormones and has been found to help reduce or block back and leg pain, as well as pain from menstrual cramps, arthritis and headaches. One study even found that sexual activity can lead to partial or complete relief of headache in some migraine and cluster-headache patients.

So if you want to maintain your healthy, consider doing sex as advised. Well, why don’t you start by contacting one of the Sydney Best Escorts girls now!

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