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Sydney Best Escorts | 4 Simple, Yet Truly Potent Ways For Pleasuring a Woman’s Breasts

Ask a hundred men what they first notice about a woman, after her smile and her eyes, and 99% would perhaps say the same thing – her breasts. But while men spend a lot of time ogling at women’s breasts, what’s sad is that they often quickly head down south, before pleasuring the two front bumpers! The truth is that for a lot of women, breasts are an area of extreme pleasure, and that’s why these deserve a lot of attention from men. Here are 5 simple, yet sure-fire ways for pleasuring a woman’s breasts.

Sydney Best EscortsKnow That Not All Breasts Are Equal
Before showering your girlfriend, or lovely Sydney Best Escorts’ breasts with a lot of fondling, kissing and licking, first you need to know that not all breasts are the same. This means that just because one technique has worked with another woman in the past, it won’t mean that the same method will work for the next woman.

Some ladies actually want their breasts stimulated in the form of tender, soft teases or kissing, while other women prefer something a little bit rougher, like a little mashing and poking. Thus, guys need to really know their “audience”.

Start Gently, and Determine What She Likes
When stimulating and pleasuring a woman’s breasts, guys should proceed with care, and gently trace or move their fingers over the breast’s outer edges. Men should run their thumb lightly too, under the space where they fall, and use only their fingertips to caress her, as they breathe warm air over the nipples. Don’t ever attempt to knead or grab the breasts, because this will hurt!

Do Some Teasing On Her Tits
Instead of doing the same rhythm over and over again on her breasts, why don’t you do change the technique from time to time? For example, you could kiss her entire breasts, but ignore her nipples for a couple of minutes. And instead of kissing her nipples, you could try breathing warm air over them, and don’t make any physical contact with her, until her body is writhing with desire.

The breast-teasing however, will require some practice, and a lot of self-restraint from guys. However, the ensuing build-up of desire should be worth all the trouble, especially if you see her giggle when she orgasms!

Let Her Teach You How Is the Right Way
Perhaps the best way for guys to learn how to tease and please a woman’s breasts, would be to ask the girls themselves to show them how to do it! The guy could start by asking their lady woman to touch herself, and show him what she likes.

Guys also need to be extra aware of what’s going on with the rest of the woman’s body, like her breathing, the way she moans and writhes, as well as how large her breasts have become.

Sexual arousal generally causes more blood to flow to the breasts, which results in the breast tissue swelling up to 25%. Thus, check for signs like reddening of the skin on the breasts, or the darkening of the areolas on your partner’s, or favourite Sydney Best Escorts’ breasts!

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