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Sydney Best Escorts | 4 Offbeat But Dramatic Places To Have Great Sex

Have you ever thought of going out of the bedroom, just for once and have sex in places that are literally off-limits to human beings? If you’re in the mood for a little experimentation of sorts, and you’d like to do things out-of-the-box, here’s a look at a couple of weird and low-key, yet exciting places, to get down and dirty.

Sydney Best EscortsThe Car Park
Did you ever want to get it on outside the bedroom, and start snipping off your partner, or sexy Sydney Best Escorts clothes? Maybe you folks should try turning the heat on at the car park!

According to “Mike” who claims to be an adrenaline junkie, “cars have always been popular spots to have quickies, perhaps because the line between private and public space is a little bit blurred.” He also adds, “sex in a car often reminds you of the drunk, carefree and wild days in your teens.”

Mike recommends, “You should go to the car park’s more secluded areas, especially at night. But if you feel a bit more gung-ho, you could try doing it during the daytime!”

The Fitting Room
Most guys often don’t like it when they wait for their significant other to try on clothes at the fitting room. So instead of waiting, some men sneak into the restroom, and have an intense quickie!

The Public Restroom
Most would agree that public restrooms are perhaps the last places to go for a quickie. But the truth is that these locations are more popular places to have sex today.

According to “Alfred” who works as a bartender, “Public restrooms are exciting places for a rendezvous because you’re more than likely to be asked to leave the place, instead of being arrested, if you are caught. You should also try the standing positions to avoid slipping on the wet floor and touching the truly gross stuff on the toilet bowl,” he adds.

The Hospital Room
Who would have ever thought that hospital rooms make great places for quickies? Well, such are perfect places for quick sex because hospital staff are often busy. Visitors are also preoccupied with their patient’s medical condition.

So if you’re planning to experiment with risky sex, then perhaps these four suggested locations would be great. If you don’t have a partner yet, try checking out the galleries of Sydney Best Escorts today. Find the perfect partner for your sexual adventures!

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