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Sydney Best Escorts | 3 More Lifestyle Habits That Could Wreck Your Sex life

Who’d ever thought that your drinking or eating habits, or even your work current load, could  have a negative effect on your sex life? While one glass of wine or a beer might help you relax, a booze binge on the other hand can make you crash and burn in the bedroom! Here’s a look at a few more lifestyle habits that can impair, or even totally derail your sex life.

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You Drink Too Much

If you care for your hookup buddies, or your favourite Sydney Best Escorts, especially when it comes to satisfying them in bed, I guess you better tone down on your drinking habits (Especially if you go binge drinking often!).

Men in particular, can struggle with performance issues when they have too much alcohol in their system. Thus, keep your drinking in moderation, which means no more than one drink a day for women, and two for the guys!

You’re Too Busy

When life gets too hectic or too demanding, most often the first thing to be kicked off your to-do list would be – sex! While scheduling sex may sound like a buzzkill, it can however help you make sure you don’t keep putting it off. Thus, mark time on your calendars, stick to it and enjoy better bouts in bed!

You Eat Too Much Salt

Yes, salty foods are a mainstay, or a regular part of most people’s diets today. Thus, it comes as no surprise that more folks are getting high blood pressure today, and high blood pressure can lower your libido.

So, to prevent salt from knocking your libido off, and flustering your girlfriend or lovely Sydney Best Escorts in the process, steer clear of pre-packaged foods which have lots of sodium, and try adding flavour to food with herbs and spices instead of salt!

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