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Sydney Best Escorts – 3 Breathing Techniques for a Galvanizing Orgasm

They say the simplest things in life are the most complicated. Such notion is both striking and true. In the act of engaging in lustful action, sex is a combination of ease and difficulty. It’s easy because you know how it is done, but it’s difficult because you want to make the experience longer and better.

Sydney Best EscortsCountless ways are being introduced for the purpose of enhancing wanton engagements. Sex toys are created and dietary supplements guarantee longer erection. However, when it boils down to the dirty act, you will only need two things: your brain and your body. It’s simply complicated like that. As you involve your main biological properties, what you need is the one element that you can never live without: air.

In whatever act you engage your body, you will need air. You need to breathe. Especially in sex, you need to be in the right breathing pattern so you can produce the lustful momentum. Failure in doing so will create a wedge in your erotic performance. Synchronizing your breathing with your thrusting action will provide your body its needed energy for that galvanizing climactic ending!

Heave it to the deep

No, we don’t just mean penetrating the walls of her vagina to its serious depths. We actually mean for you to breathe deeply as well. Utilize your abdomen by harnessing your air that way. Use the muscles in your stomach to heave air down your body.

This may sound pretty simple, but again, it will be more complicated when you do it. Deep breathing during the course of your erotic tryst enables you a distinctive elevation in your senses – bring you to a heightened level of euphoria!

Synchronicity keeps it sexy

When you’re having sex, it’s important that you match your thrusting movement with the level of your breathing. Each time you inhale, the momentum to plunge your throbbing hardness into her squirming wetness. This will help a great deal as you produce the rhythm to heighten the experience.

Besides, rhythm is not the only thing that you will benefit from this. Your partner can also take on your pattern and begin to look forward for your lustful action once you exhale! Furthermore, breathing this way is sexy! With her libido driving her wild, it will be moments before you become the ultimate cause for her sexual undoing!

Take it slow

Once you enter the space of coming close to your orgasm, take the opportunity to immerse on its exhilarating build up by slowing your breathing. Get the intense feel of your sensations as your muscles tense up for that erotic release. Your breathing normally speeds up as you are nearing your climax, prolong that delicious feeling. Take control of your desires by immersing your body towards the pleasure.

As you have successfully delayed your orgasm, this will result to a more satisfying climax!

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