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Sydney Best Escorts | 3 Awesome Rough Sex Ideas to Keep Her Peaking Throughout the Night

When it comes to sex, you need to be very creative. That way, the entire experience in bed will be great for her, according to Sydney Best Escorts. And don’t you know that one way to do is by giving her a rough sex? Yes, that’s right – rough sex can do wonders in bed. But of course, you need to do it accordingly. Otherwise, you won’t see her again.

Sydney Best EscortsBelow are some rough sex ideas to make her wild and crazy in bed. Keep them all in mind!

Be Aggressively Dominant – Always

Probably the most obvious rough sex idea is for either you or your woman to get really dominant over the other. For many guys, they find it easy to dominate their partner in the bedroom. But what if you want to aggressively dominate her? Well, you can do so by grabbing her first.

Rather than waiting for your woman to do anything with you, grab her and take what you want. So grab her hand and pull her in for a kiss. Or grab her and lead her into the bedroom. Or grab her, push her onto the bed and then start undressing her. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to turn women on when you start grabbing them and taking the lead.

Leave a Mark

Scratching and biting isn’t something you’d normally do to someone you care about. But, when you’re having rough sex, there’s no better way to show your partner how turned on you are than by digging your nails into their back and holding them tightly.

The same goes for biting. Don’t be afraid to gently bite and nibble your woman’s neck, ear lobe and shoulders as you’re thrusting into her. The interesting thing about biting and scratching your woman during rough sex is that it’s hard to fake. If you don’t naturally feel like doing it to her when you’re having rough sex, then it’s going to feel forced and your woman will probably notice it too.

Grab Her by the Hair

Softly push your nails up the back of your woman’s neck and into her scalp along the back of her head. When you reach the top of her scalp, lightly grab her hair from the roots and gently tug it as you bring your hand back down. Your grip should be tight enough that your woman feels it, but loose enough so that her hair easily passes through your fingers as you pull your hand down. All the while, your nails should be softly grazing her scalp.

These three tips will work fine, especially if you do it correctly. So remember to always have them in your mind. If you want to learn more, simply call Sydney Best Escorts.

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