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Nothing beats the noise of a Champaign bottle popping, or so I reckoned! I gladly pour it into two crystal glasses and then gone through the space in direction of the man who has acquired my presence. He seemed to be submissive on the surface but underneath his nice-guy appearance is dominance prepared to be awakened. He had just ordered me to pour us a glass of his excellent Champaign just before we start off our engagement. I had nearly finished my drink when he snatched the glass without alert.

“Ahh… Ahh… Ahh…” he fussed when I coaxed to bottoms-up. “Not so much. I want to make you orgasm as much as I want.” He placed the glass by the bedside stand and then advanced to bound my wrists together with a handcuff. The paradox of his face and his actions was making me horny. I wanted to kiss and lick him already but he was such a taunt. He proceeded placing kisses on my neck, alternating with kissing, licking and caressing but aside from his hot breath and aroused lips, the rest of his body was not touching me.

Sydney Best EscortsWe were both standing upright when he restricted me and pulled away. I intuitively followed only to discover that my chains go entirely to the bed post which won’t allow me to move even more in his path. I am starting up to fancy the method this person perceives. My cunt was already moist and my hard nips began to perk up through my gown. He beamed his indecent grin when he pulled up a stool right near me and sat himself down.

I ended up standing in front of him when he pulled the bow that was keeping my gown close. As it was entirely loose, my breasts stood out in great visage and the moisture seeping through my sexy underwear was a little obvious. I wanted him to caress me so badly but his warmness was exclusively felt through my lingerie, not directly. He could sense my expectation and irritation accumulating. “Chill, babe. I simply wish to appreciate the view.”

Finally, his palms enveloped both my firm boobs. He massaged them pleasantly that it made me sigh with satisfaction. I fully understood now why he was restraining himself from touching me. It is to make his caresses feel more intense than ever before. Every single role of me that experienced his comfort blazes with desire that made me even more wet. I could feel the designed laces of my underwear now and it is begging me to have him stroke it.

I got lost in the intensity of his caresses that I didn’t notice him jerking out his rock-hard dick from his slacks. He was really large and I wanted to suck him then and there but he ceased me before I could. “No, hold off. It’s necessary that I enjoy you first.” He then advanced in smelling the dampness of my vagina and tongued it through the fabric which drove me mad with delight. This guy will undeniably have his chance with me…

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