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Odd Sexual Fetishes That Are Slowly Being Accepted in Popular Culture

While the world of sexual fetishes may be fun and interesting to read, the truth is that the world can be a very tough place for people who have fetishes. While the average sex fan gets to see all the amount of vanilla-style sex that their heart desires, the guys and girls with fetishes often stay out of the public limelight, and enjoy their fetishes in private, for fear of ridicule or reprisal. However, there are lots of sexual fetishes that are now slowly being brought up in mainstream fiction or popular culture, yet are subtly hidden. Here’s a peek at a few of them.

Foot Fetishes

If you are a fan of foot fetishes, or your lovely Best Escorts in Sydney is, fret not because foot fetishes are quite common in popular culture today. Just check out Quentin Tarantino’s films, because Mr. Tarantino is actually the “King of the Foot Fetish”!

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Well, if you’ve checked out Tarantino’s films already, you won’t be surprised to see close-ups of someone’s feet, from Uma Thurman’s barefoot swordplay in Kill Bill to Salma Hayek’s pouring tequila down her legs in the movie From Dusk til Dawn!


If you’re into sci-fi stuff, perhaps you could incorporate all those robots and A.I. stuff into sex now, for there’s such a thing or fetish called “technosexuality”! Originally called “ASFR”, which stands for Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots (which sprung up during the early days of the Internet, and is a place where robot fans could get together and swap photos and data from Star Trek), technosexuality is defined as “a desire to have sex with a humanoid robot”!

Piss Play/Watersports

For starters, “watersports” or “urolagnia” is actually defined as “a tendency to derive sexual pleasure from the sight or thought of urination”. Today however, you’ll hear a lot of talk about it on popular culture, from comedy shows and flicks, to crime thrillers on TV and in the big screen!

Beast Porn

When I say “beast” porn, I’m not actually referring to that disgusting and horrendous stuff where stupid guys and girls have sex with animals. Instead, I’m referring to porn and fetish which tend to centre on a “damsel in distress” (just like Cinderella or the lady in Beauty and the Beast”) who is kidnapped by a scary monster, and is either rescued or ravished!

Well, if beast porn is definitely not your thing, nor are any of these once-odd fetishes, perhaps you’d be more at home with enjoying real quality erotic time with the lovely Private Sydney Escorts!

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