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Creative Ideas on How to do the “Wheelbarrow” if you’re Not a Yoga Enthusiast

Of the different sex positions invented, perhaps one of the most intriguing, and challenging, is one called the ‘Wheelbarrow”! According to sex experts, to perform the classic Wheelbarrow, the man stands up while the woman is on her hands and knees. The man then lifts her back-half by the ankles, pulling her legs to the side of his body. But if you don’t consider yourself a Yoga or Kama Sutra enthusiast, here are a couple of creative ideas on how to it.

Sofa Tricks to Make it Easier

If you’d like to perform the Wheelbarrow with your girlfriend, or perhaps with your favourite Best Escorts in Sydney, perhaps you could consider doing it in a comfy and sturdy sofa! To do this, the guy shuffles back, but his knees on the floor so that the sofa is positioned behind his back.

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And instead of gripping the guy’s waist, the lady puts both legs on the sofa, so he wouldn’t need to hold them while he humped. The girl could also lie over one of the sofa arms, facing a pile of cushions, and then slowly tip herself forward until her feet are off the floor.

Wheelbarrow on the Bed

Do you know the main reason why more couples have sex in the bedroom than the lounge or sofa? Well, obviously beds are more comfortable. Thus the wheelbarrow can actually be done on the bed, as compared to the floor or sofa variations.

It’s because the ladies essentially lie with their entire front portion on the mattress, while guys slips in behind. This can also be reversed by having the guys sit on the bed, while the ladies put their hands on the floor. Both ways mean that there’s less body mass to support.

While many sex experts agree that the Wheelbarrow positions creates really great, deep penetration, and feels wildly animalistic, it is also one of the more acrobatic positions out there, and requires more dexterity and upper body strength. But then again, if you and your girlfriend, or favourite Sydney Best Escorts, are raring to do something truly challenging, then who’s stopping you from trying it?

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