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Best Escorts in Sydney – Why Do Some People’s Arousal Seem To Stay On For Hours On End?

Have you known of men and women who look like they’re aroused at all times? Sure, most couples struggle to orgasm, while a few have been blessed with the ability to climax easily. When your bed partners are as luscious as the Best Escorts in Sydney, definitely, orgasm will be continuous!

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In real life, there are persons but, mostly females, who are actually ‘permanently’ aroused and yet, this is causing them distress and pain. Not only are their sex lives affected but likewise their life as a whole. No matter how they wank themselves off, or copulate and then orgasm many times, still they don’t feel satiated. Even in the absence of sexual triggers, they would feel aroused in their genitals and this, they deem to be a never-ending nightmare. So, what could this condition be – sex addiction? Sexual hypersensitivity?

Arousal That Seems To Go On Forever
Well, sex experts refer to it as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder or PGAD for short. The unwanted sensation persists even without sexual stimulation or emotion, thereby causing distress to the afflicted. Worse, they feel shame and guilt. Not even orgasm or masturbation can give relief, and this arousal not only lasts for hours rather, even for days and weeks!

Sadly, a lot of health professionals mistakenly diagnose this condition to be sexual addiction or hypersexuality, therefore, they’re likely to offer the wrong remedy. According to a respected sexual medicine specialist, PGAD is a real disorder, different from sexual addiction which is described as only a high-level desire for the flesh. A very rare condition affecting mostly women, its origins aren’t known but one thing’s clear – there must be subtle damage done to the pudendal nerve, the one responsible for producing sensations in the genitals. And since the sensation is from that area, then, the brains sees it as genital arousal.

Funny Or Pathetic?
Ironically, those who don’t know such disorder exists, may find the occurrence funny or inconvenient. However, if you’re the one having spontaneous orgasms, doesn’t it alarm you the least? That must be painful and upsetting! Beware, some women who don’t understand why this is happening and then become hopeless, are committing suicide. Sex can only give immediate relief but after that, the agony goes on and on, so that persons with such condition hate sex. Medical treatment takes long, is tedious, besides being expensive.

Here’s hoping that any lady you hook up with doesn’t experience the same. Pretty sure, none of the piping Best Escorts in Sydney you’re dating at the moment, are battling with the disorder.

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