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Best Escorts in Sydney | The Outdoor Lover’s Guide To Hot and Steamy Tent Sex

Who doesn’t like the great outdoors? With the sun, the cool wind, fresh air and rustling of the trees and the grass, it’s truly great to enjoy being in Mother Nature’s bosom. And of course if you’re hiking or camping with your girlfriend, or that hot chick you just met an hour or two ago, there’s nothing as sexy and risqué as having sex in a tent! Getting it on inside a small tent is certainly a great way to blow off some steam, especially at the end of a long and tiring week. Here’s the outdoor lover’s guide to hot and steamy tent sex.

Best Escorts in SydneyChoose Your Spot Wisely
Heading off to the woods this weekend with your girlfriend, or perhaps with your favourite Best Escorts in Sydney. Before pitching tent, evaluate the ground first before laying down your tent, and make sure there are no rocks or sticks pointing out.

Make sure you choose a smooth and level area or ground, or make one by shovelling and keeping the ground level. If you don’t, there’s definitely nothing worse than having a rock in the back (or ass) while you’re humping and grinding.

Bring A Nice and Roomy Tent
When choosing tents, make sure you bring one that allows for extra room to move around. For example, you could bring a three-man tent which is perfect for two people who have a bit of love (or erotic ecstasy) in their eyes and minds!

Keep It Clean
Camping can often mean a weekend where you and your lover can get covered in mud and muck from head to toe. To ensure cleanliness, keep the tent clean and smell-free by bringing along some wipes, of take a swim or shower before going to bed, and bring a hand sanitizer around too, to ensure that your hands are thoroughly clean!

Turn The Lights Off, But Put Some Music On
Once you and your lady are ready to “go to bed”, remember that a tent’s walls are often very thin, and serve as the perfect medium to cast shadows through. If there are a couple of tents near your spot, avoid putting on a shadow by keeping the tent dark (or else everyone will have their eyes on you!), and put on a little music too, to drown the moans of pleasure!

And if you’re heading to the woods this weekend with your new hookup partner, or with your preferred Best Escorts in Sydney, make sure you get a double sleeping bag, or two of the same that zip together!

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