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You look familiar.” That was my first mistake. I should have known better. For an escort, sometimes I get really caught up in the moment and say something stupid. Rule number 1 in escorting: do not let your clients know that you know them, or that they “look familiar”.

Best Escorts in SydneyThe moment that phrase came out of my mouth, I knew the clock started ticking for me to leave… Now. He wanted an overnighter and we just finished a round of hot monkey sex less than hour ago. Which was, according to him, “the best sex he had in a long time”, and I “was the best Best Escorts in Sydney”.

He studied me intently. And I was backpedalling quicker than Jack and Jill went tumbling down the hill.

I didn’t mean to offend you but you look like someone I once knew.” Wrong. That’s a double whammy already.

But you aren’t him, you just have the same features. Your profiles are eerily similar.” I was a mess. Basically, I was digging myself into a deeper grave of shame and embarrassment.

Are you saying you know me?” His expression gave nothing.

No, of course not. I just, it was a..uhm, you just looked like someone I know.”

So you’re saying you know someone that looked like me? A friend?”

No. You don’t look like him exactly…maybe from some angles, there are similarities. “

An ex then?” He probed.

Wha—no, forget it. Stupid thought. I’m sorry I brought this up. Why are we talking about this again?” I started caressing his chest, circling his nipple. I scooted closer so that I could kiss his ears. Men go crazy when I do that, so I figured it would work on him. After all, men are all alike.

I’m a drummer.”

My fingers were traversing his lithe body, dangerously close to his spent manhood. Even flaccid, it was impressive, and my body thrummed with need again. I wanted his cock in me so bad, even when he just fucked me through the mattress and came on my face just now.

I’m a drummer…” He reiterated.


In a band.”

And then it clicked. His profile, his face. That’s why I thought he looked familiar. He was that drummer from that band. That band. THAT FUCKING BAND!

I tried to be cool. I really tried hard, but inside I was freaking out. Thank goodness I wasn’t facing him. If I did, he would have known that I recognized him. With my face buried in his ear, I mumbled, “Oh yeah?”

If I freaked out openly, there would be no fucking.

And now that I knew who he was, I planned on getting fucked til his time was up. I was an Best Escorts in Sydney, and I know how to play the game. My hands took hold of his hardening cock, and without hesitation, I knelt down and opened my mouth.

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