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Best Escorts in Sydney | The 3 Rules of Office Sex

Of the many places outside the bedroom where one can have sex, perhaps the office is one of the most thrilling, and perhaps one of the most sought-after! Why? Because offices across the planet are now filled to the brim with young singles who, are experiencing a “second adolescence” of serial dating and sexual experimentation! But before you quickly go planning that hot storage room romp with a sexy female colleague, here’s a look at a few of the rules of office sex.

Figure Out if it’s a Fling Before Taking Off Your Clothes

Before planning that must-do office sex romp, first you need to figure out if it’s a fling before taking off your clothes! But if an office fling or romp sounds too risky for you, perhaps it would be more fun, and less stressful, if you do office sex role-playing with the hot and sexy Best Escorts in Sydney!

Best Escorts in Sydney

Keep in mind that the disconnect between perceptions would be difficult for any guy, but when you have to face the hot chick that you slept with the next morning at work, and then the morning after that, would leave you pretty much stranded in the Island of Awkward!

Never Mix Pillow Talk with Office Talk

To avoid staring, and starring, in your awkward 9-to-5 office soap opera, make sure you keep all relationship, as well as erotic, conversations, out of the office in the first place, even when things are going great! This will make it easier for you to hold the negative stuff at bay, and if something goes terribly bad, you will have the reflexes to not let those feelings out at work.

Don’t Hang Out With Your Love or Erotic Interest During Work Hours

Here’s another good reason why you should keep your distance from your office hookup mate or even love interest – Hanging out with your love or erotic interest during work hours can lead to “hyper-cliquing” or bonding with someone at the expense of other relationships!

If you bond too much with your love or sex interest, soon your co-workers may feel resentful or neglected. This is more than just bailing on you work buddies for a girl, because some of the folks you’re neglecting could have a stake in your career!

Now, did I earlier say it was more fun, and much nicer, to have a more risqué time with the hot and sexy Best Escorts in Sydney, instead of your hot officemates?

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