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Best Escorts in Sydney Stories: The Instagram Dude

It started with a heart.

Best Escorts in SydneyYou know that little heart button on Instagram that meant someone liked your photo? It’s the first contact I had with him. I didn’t know if he knew about me. Or, that he was just one of those random dudes that creep on Instagram looking for sexy pics of women. I was one of the Best Escorts in Sydney, and in my downtime I like to keep my Instagram updated. I post a sexy pic every now and then; a little cleavage, a little peek-a-boo on my shape and the gratuitous selfie that everyone is doing. I’m not above that. I’m not above visual teasing, and the new direct message feature was one of the best additions so far.

You wouldn’t believe the number of guys that DM’s me, asking for pics, wanting to hook up or just generally flirting. I occasionally entertain some of them, but in most cases, I am generally cold and dismissive. It’s easier that way. I don’t want to become virtually attached to someone, or them to me thinking that I am the perfect girl or they were the perfect boy for me. Life does not work that way, and I long knew that love is a thing I’ll never understand for the rest of my life.

His first DM was a picture of his face. The caption said “Here’s a mugshot of me if I ever get arrested.” I remembered chuckling at his pathetic joke. It was good, original even, but it was too self-involved for my taste. I replied with the sexiest pic I had: a shot of my face and my body in red, lacey lingerie. The caption was more jarring. It read, “I am an escort.”

Now, with the history of messaging guys in this fashion, I have classified them into three categories: first, the ones who pretend to know nothing about it and ask me what it meant; the second, the ones who are passive-aggressive with an “oh okay” pic, asks for “sexier” ones from me and then when I give them a couple they completely disappear all of a sudden. And the third are those types who want to fuck immediately but don’t want to give me the right donations. In short, they want it free.

His reply actually threw me off my game for a moment. The picture he sent was a shot of a room, with a caption “Come on then, and let’s talk about it”. Then his number. I called him, he asked details about my services. Thirty minutes later, I was giving him the best blowjob he ever had from a Best Escorts in Sydney.

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