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Best Escorts in Sydney – Sex Break: 5 Signs Your Body Needs It

People need a break time to recharge the tired mind and body, calm the weary soul or perhaps, just relax. There’s also such thing in sex. But honestly, can you afford a sex break if your partners are as steamy as the Best Escorts in Sydney?

Break also applies to casual relationships. To prepare yourself physically and emotionally for a lasting relationship, you got to stop hooking up. This is what sex and relationship experts advise. However, no matter how delightful the coitus is, you’ll know that your body needs to stop. Check out the signs:

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  1. No arousal – If you’re not turned on anymore for no reason at all, takes a break. Time to figure out what’s wrong with your own body (or hers, maybe). There’s probably something wrong in your relationship. Recall. Reflect.

  1. No orgasms – Have you noticed you’ve suddenly stopped orgasming? Orgasm stems from the brain you know, hence, give time to hear out what your head is saying. Try to masturbate without her and see what happens. If still no orgasm, take a break. Take the necessary action!

  1. There’s pain – Sex marathon sessions are totally exhausting and it’s normal to feel soreness or pain. And yet, if intercourse hurts even without the marathon, that’s a different story. The pain could be traced to a STD, or for the lady – ovarian cysts or endometriosis. Time to listen to your body.

  1. Aftermath isn’t good – Do you feel the anxiety after a sexual bout? Good love making should be bringing a smile to your face, but, why the sudden unhappy feeling? Have you had too much of copulation lately? Genitals also get tired you know, so give yours a break, too. Maybe, relaxation is just what you need.

  1. It has become monotonous – You’re doing it lately to fulfil a task. Worse, you’ve been using the same techniques in the same positions time and time again, with your long-time partner. Clearly, the sex life has turned boring and uninteresting. At times like these, a break is urgent.

According to a respected communication expert and author, Constance Dunn, taking a break from sex allows couples to reset the relationship so that they have time to “know further’ the ‘separated’ partner. Possibly, a two-week break is long enough to know your body more and be able to put things back in order, again.

In that case, just inform the kinky Best Escorts in Sydney beforehand that you’re taking a break from romping for just a few days.

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