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Best Escorts in Sydney | Secrets to Using Words to Make Her Feel Special

They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, while for a woman, it’s making her feel special. The problem is, it can be tough to tell just what a girl wants to hear, and – let’s face it – we all make mistakes. In this case, caution the gorgeous courtesans at Best Escorts in Sydney, those mistakes can seriously affect your chances with the lady you’re eyeing.

If you’re the type of bloke who compliments girls based on their looks, you’re already blowing your chances. So here are some things you can say to come across as someone who wants more than just some booty.

Best Escorts in Sydney

  1. Compliment her intelligence. Ladies are both smart and pretty. If she’s a head-turner, she’ll likely have gotten tired of being called beautiful. That’s why calling attention to her brains will make her feel really special. Say that you like how she thinks things through, or that you like her unique way of thinking.
  2. Point out something unique about her appearance. You can still tell a girl you find her attractive, but what makes a big difference is how you say it. Do you like her eyes? Say they’re an interesting shade of blue, green, or brown. Or mention how you like her choice of wardrobe and how it’s definitely ‘her style’. Don’t just stick with the generic “you look great”, and she’ll pay more attention to your compliments.
  3. Say she’s one-of-a-kind. Speaking of being unique, ladies definitely know they’re the only one like them in the world, but they still want to hear someone say it. Telling a girl you like her because of the little quirks that make her who she is just shows you’re paying close attention. That’s a surefire way to make her feel special.
  4. Tell her she’s changed your life. This may sound cheesy, but if it’s true, why not say it? She may not be trying to make a difference in your life, but knowing it’s changed for the better because she’s in it will make her extremely happy. After all, everyone wants to find their purpose in life; feeling like she has a purpose in yours guarantees she’ll feel loved.

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