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Best Escorts in Sydney – Practical Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

It’s no surprise that people regularly search online for sex tips, since there’s no one who doesn’t want to get better in bed. The Best Escorts in Sydney didn’t get to where they are, after all, by being contented with their performance, whether in simply keeping blokes company or in more private matters.

Best Escorts in SydneyOf course, these sex tips aren’t limited just to sexual performance, although they could be related to that in some way. Here are a few tips you may have heard about or read, but didn’t know actually worked.

  1. Sniff some lavender or pumpkin pie – or both. Lavender and cinnamon (which is often used in pumpkin pies) have shown to have a hand in arousal. Studies have even shown a 40% increase in blood flow to penises of men who took a whiff of this combination of scents. This means you can boost your size even just a bit and last longer in bed.

  1. Get rid of a migraine with an orgasm. When you release, your body releases endorphins, which means that feel-good feeling isn’t limited to your privates. Depending on how strong your orgasm is, these endorphins can partially to completely rid you of a headache.

  1. Red is the power colour to wear. Literally and figuratively, red is a hot colour. Men and women who wear the colour somehow appear sexier and more attractive. You can see it at work in nature, with different animals – especially the males – using red in their mating displays in some way.

Several cultures associate red with power and status, both of which are desirable traits. So the next tie you’re aiming to pick someone up, wear something red.

  1. Get more sun and boost your sex drive. This works for both sexes, but it’s particularly effective in blokes. Sunlight gives you a dose of vitamin D, which can boost testosterone levels and therefore increase your libido.

  1. Leave the experimenting for later. Trying a new sex toy or a new position while you and your partner haven’t reached the finish line can put more pressure on you, which won’t help your arousal. Go about your sexual romp as usual, then experiment with positions or toys when you’ve each finished once.

This way, you’re both still somewhat aroused, and it’ll be easier to laugh it off if the experiment doesn’t work as planned.

  1. Don’t hold a mint in your mouth when giving oral sex. While there are a few articles saying that mint and peppermint makes oral sex better, you have more chances of irritating her lady bits. That’s because sugar and her cunt don’t mix well, and in fact could possibly lead to a urinary tract infection.

Obviously, that’s something you want to avoid, because she’ll remember you for the wrong reasons. Just work on your oral sex technique instead of resorting to this. That way, even the Best Escorts in Sydney will have no reason to complain about your oral prowess.

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