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Best Escorts in Sydney – New Study Notes That Vitamin D Can Bring Back The Spark To Your Sex Life

Is your “boner” soft and limp, especially during the times that it shouldn’t be? Perhaps you literally lack enough sunshine? Well, new research from sunny Italy suggests that low levels of vitamin D can increase a guy’s chances of getting erectile dysfunction. Let’s find out what the Italian researchers discovered about the sunshine vitamin’s effects on a guy’s sex life.

Best Escorts in SydneyLack Of Vitamin D Spurs The Production of Free Radicals

Is your manhood conking out whenever you’re in bed with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Best Escorts in Sydney? When the Italian researchers tested 143 men who suffered from varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, they found that almost half of them were deficient in vitamin D, and only 1 in 5 had optimal vitamin D levels.

The study team also noted that men who had severe cases of erectile dysfunction had vitamin D levels that were about 24% lower than those of men with milder forms of ED.

They also added that insufficient levels of vitamin D may spur the production of free radicals called superoxide ions, which deplete the supply of nitric oxide, a molecule that helps blood vessels properly function. And when blood vessels don’t work well, this makes it hard for guys to, get hard!

Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to relax, which increases the blood flow and leads to an erection under normal circumstances. If the body lacks the required amounts of nitric acid, the blood vessels may not relax enough to promote an erection.

Ask Your Physician To Check Your Vitamin D Levels

If your shaft conks out frequently, and your energy levels in bed are significantly down too, perhaps you should visit your doctor now, and ask him or her to check your vitamin D levels. In The US alone, vitamin D deficiency affects as much as 40% of adults.

The Italian study recommends that those who suffer from the lack of the “sunshine vitamin” take supplements to get back the optimal D-vitamin levels. Many health experts often recommend a cumulative vitamin D intake of 600 international units for adults between 8 and 70 years old, and 800 international units for those over 80 years old.

So, if you feel like your shaft’s always failing you, don’t despair. All you need to do is visit your doctor (to check for vitamin-D deficiency), get lots of sunshine during the mornings, as well as exercise and eat a balanced diet, so that you’ll get that spunk back in bed, and once again be able to satisfy your girlfriend, as well as  your favourite Best Escorts in Sydney!

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