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Best Escorts in Sydney | Morning Wood – 4 Weird Yet Funny Reasons Why Men Get It

Have you ever woken up in the early morning, finding your manhood hard as rock? Well, be happy, because all normal guys without erectile dysfunction experience “morning wood”, or “morning glory”, and these often occur 3 to 5 times during sleep. Scientists and health experts refer to it as nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), which are spontaneous erections that occur during sleep or while waking up. Let’s dig deeper, and look at the weird and funny reasons why men get morning wood.

Best Escorts in SydneyWhen Guys Are Asleep, The Brain No Longer Keeps Their Penis In Check
Has your girlfriend, or even your favourite Best Escorts in Sydney, noticed your rock-hard boners in the early morning? Well according to scientists, a guy’s penis can go rogue, or out of control, because the brain isn’t paying attention to it!

According to a study conducted by the Society for Endocrinology in the US, the brain normally regulates the penis, and makes sure that the erections only occur when needed. But during REM sleep, certain parts of the brain shut down, thus the penis is free to do whatever it wishes, and all it wants to do is get hard!

Men Have the Highest Testosterone Levels in the Morning
Another reason why most guys experience morning wood is because they have the highest testosterone levels during the morning. However, the morning boners tend to dissipate or totally stop when men reach their 40s and 50s, because during this time their testosterone levels are at their lowest.

It’s How the Penis Exercises
Many scientists and sex experts agree that NPT or morning wood can actually be a way for the body to condition the penis to keep blood in it, for longer periods of time.

The penis is perhaps the only part of the body that has to trap blood for an extended period of time, so that it becomes hard and ready for bedroom action. And if it weren’t for night-time or early morning boners, maintaining erections would perhaps become incredibly painful!

The Brain Is Receptive to Physical Stimulation, Even When you’re Asleep
When a guy wakes up with a boner, it doesn’t automatically mean that he’s dreaming of his favourite porn star, or he’s fantasising about Jennifer Lawrence or Cameron Diaz!

The brain is actually still very receptive to physical stimulation, even when its asleep, and when a guy’s sleeping close to his partner, the brain will sense and feel the stimulation and decide that the dude needs an erection!

Regardless of whether these are caused by peaking testosterone levels, or it’s nature’s way of keeping men from wetting in bed, what’s good is that morning wood is a good sign that your private parts are healthy, and are working perfectly in tandem with your brain! And of course, your spouse, or lovely Best Escorts in Sydney, would love feeling your rock-hard boner in the chilly mornings too!

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