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Best Escorts in Sydney | Helpful Hints on How to Incorporate Sex Toys

If there’s one thing different about the sex and sleaze environment these days, it’s the fact that sex toys have now become so ubiquitous, and they’ve become an accepted part of erotic life in general too. However, many guys and girls still have some reservations about using sex toys, because some guys may fear that the girl is using it, because his dick is small, or he thinks his foreplay moves are unappealing! Here are a couple of helpful hints on how to incorporate sex toys into your favourite sex positions.


Who says that sex toys are only for your girlfriend, or you’re favourite Best Escorts in Sydney? The truth is that there is lots of sex toys designed for men too, and these are designed to maximize their performance as well.

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And while the missionary position may not always be imaginative, it always gets the job done. For couples who love doing the missionary, they could opt to use orgasm gel, or a lube which has stimulants in it to add heat and draw blood and the guy could apply it to the woman’s clitoris.  He can also add a vibrating penis ring or a toy that will stay in place without holding it against her clitoris.


The standing position is hailed as one of the trickiest positions ever, because it involves a fair amount of strength and logistics to work out in your favour. But to make the standing sex position more fun and comfy, you could try holding a vibrator on her clitoris, while facing each other, and wrapping one arm around her body, while using the other hand to control the vibrator while she wraps an arm around your neck and shoulders!.

The Cowgirl

The cowgirl sex position is traditionally a female-favourite because the woman can ride her guy and take full reign over the movement, by pulling back and thrusting to hit her G-spot, and running the full length of the guy’s shaft.

But to make the cowgirl more hot and exciting, the girl or guy could opt to be blindfolded, while the other one teases their nipples and other erogenous with a vibrator! By taking away your sight, it heightens your senses, and it makes things more exciting too because your body doesn’t know what to anticipate!

Now, which vibrator-enhanced sex position would you be doing more with your girlfriend or with your preferred Private Sydney Escorts?

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