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Giving in to desire doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially when it feels oh so good. The gorgeous vixens at Best Escorts in Sydney know this. As a result, they’re well versed in helping their clients let go and give themselves over to the moment, whether in the bedroom or outside it.

Best Escorts in SydneyShe closed the door with her foot, reaching blindly behind me to lock it, never once breaking the heated kiss that had started in the hall, on the way to the wash room. Her dress was slightly askew, my own shirt unbuttoned – I was sure we looked quite a sight.

Neither of us cared.

It had begun during the dinner with my colleagues and their own companions. There we were, talking and eating, when her fingers brushed against my thigh, hovering close to my groin. Minutes later, she did it again, only slower. This time, her fingertips rested against the growing bulge in my pants.

Carefully, she’d undone the zip and slipped a hand inside, beginning to stroke me. How we kept up our end of the conversation, I’m not sure. When neither of us could stand it any more, she pretended to feel faint, while I said I was going to help her get some air.

Now here we were, locked in a wash room cubicle, bodies pressed against one another. I held her against the wall, rubbing her through her panties, my dick growing harder as I heard her moan. She gave little thrusts with her hips, letting me feel just how wet she already was.

Wordlessly, she broke off the kiss and turned to face the wall, legs spread a little. “Do it! Hurry,” she urged, almost breathless with want. I took myself out of my pants, and she pressed her hips back against my groin; I knew how badly we both wanted to do it.

Without pausing, I pushed her panties aside and buried myself in her slick tightness, reaching to muffle her scream of delight, both of us panting as I started thrusting in and out of her. “Don’t stop…please…” I barely heard her, but even if she didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t have.

We both needed me not to.

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