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Best Escorts in Sydney – 5 Rules of the Rebound Relationship

When you’ve been with someone for some time and then you suddenly find yourself single again, it can be shocking, to say the least. Gone are the times when you could look forward to a dinner for two, or a film marathon with you both curled up on your couch. Sometimes, even being with one of the Best Escorts in Sydney you can find doesn’t quite do the trick for you.

Best Escorts in SydneySo when you face sudden singledom after months of being half of a pair, what can you do to make sure you take that rebound in stride? How do you open yourself up to another potential partner without things backfiring on you? Here are a few ideas for the inevitable rebound relationship.

  1. Hit the ground running. You need time to heal, that’s true, but if you’re going to sit around thinking about what used to be, or trying to think of what you did wrong, you’ll just get depressed. You don’t have to jump back into the dating game just a day after the break-up, but don’t take years to start looking again.

You can even go on dates without thinking if the girl you’re with is girlfriend material – yes, friendly dates, where the only goal is to have fun. You may be sad about the relationship ending, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, right?

  1. Get help. If you’re not up for looking for another partner yourself, your friends can help set you up with someone they think is a good match for you. The good thing with having your best buds do it is, they know your type. It’s like they did the filtering for you, in a way.

  1. Be vague. Your potential partner doesn’t have to know all the details of your past relationship. Talking all about it may open up a lot of questions you’re not ready to answer yet, and even some you didn’t realise were there. So as much as you want to open up to her, don’t – or it will make her feel like you could be viewing her as a replacement.

  1. Take it slow. It may be tempting to rush into a new relationship – for instance, becoming a couple with the first girl you date after the break-up. You don’t know for certain how things will work out between the two of you that early on.

  1. Show appreciation. Say you’re in a relationship, and you’ve told your partner that you’d like to take things slow first. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to show appreciation now and then. Let her know you notice the little things she does for you, and do something for her in return now and then – it doesn’t have to be big or elaborate.

These are just some of the basics when it comes to dealing with the rebound. You could always look for Best Escorts in Sydney online to keep you company, if you need it.

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