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Best Escorts in Sydney | 4 Unique Ways For Sizzling Up Long-Distance Relationships Or Affairs

There are a lot of ways for souring, or killing, relationships, and distance can be one of them (that’s if you allow it to). But even if you’re far and away, there are actually a lot of ways for maintaining the spark, and keeping your sex life active and interesting. Here are a couple of innovative ways on how to turn your smartphone, laptop and other gadget into the ultimate tool for keeping the flames of romance, and sexual passion, alive and kicking.

Best Escorts in SydneyHave Sex on Skype
Whether you truly miss your girlfriend, or the hot and lovely Best Escorts in Sydney, there are a lot of ways for keeping the erotic flames alive, and one of them is through having sex on Skype!

Skype, which specialises in providing video chat and voice calls, allows users to exchange text and video messages, files and images, and create conference calls, can be a wonderful way for showing your partner how you miss her face as well as her body. Couples can certainly do role-playing, and other steamy stuff, on Skype!

Get Down & Dirty On the Phone
Instead of just constantly checking her out on the phone, why don’t you do something else sleazy, by having phone sex? But to do this right, the couple needs to first get comfortable, by doing it in someplace private, and choosing scenarios that both partners can visualise.

What’s so nice about having sex on the phone is that the couple can hear each one’s reactions, tone and moans, with neither one not required to use their hands or fingers to type!

Have SMS Sex
Another way to liven up a boring afternoon or evening, would be to have sex, through text or SMS! However, couples should let the conversation unfold naturally, and not try hard to come up with anything super-sexy to say. But when things start to get too hot and heavy to handle, the couple could opt to switch to using the phone.

Heat Things Up Thru Email
Who says you can’t ignite your erotic fires, through email? With email, couples can slowly build up the sexual tension, as well as the seduction, by describing things on the available email space, and leave enough room for you to tell your partner, or hot and sexy Best Escorts in Sydney, the sleazy stuff that you’re imagining!

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