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Best Escorts in Sydney | 4 Tips To Make Choosing Your First Adult Toy Easier

It seems there’s no more excuse for a lifeless, bland sex, with the proliferation of all kinds of adult toys in the market today. Such amazing erotic inventions not only add a new dimension to foreplay, but also, help lovers find their hotspots. Are you a sex toy fanatic? Most likely, the raunchy Best Escorts in Sydney are, too.

As many as there are on the shelves, finding one that suits you could be daunting. So, here are some hot tips to help you locate ‘the one’ with relative ease, most especially if you’re buying for the first time.

Buying Your First Sex Toy

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These tricks will make choosing easier:

1. Know how your toy is powered – Battery is commonly used in these devices but, did you know there are those powered by solar? Nonetheless, if the battery size is hard to find, better think long and hard before making a purchase.

2. Be wise about the size – For starters, it’s wise to pick the small size and then, progress to the next as you accustom yourself to the feel. Yet, it’s really up to you. Aggressive people like to have the large one even if it’s their first time, for maximum enjoyment.

3. Test the vibration – Before using on your genitals, feel the vibration first on your palm and hand, arm, neck, back and then the entire body. Figure out which intensity suits you and on where you feel aroused the most. Of course, logic tells you that you start with gentle vibration since an intense one could come as a shock to your system. Beginners are better off with a basic bullet vibrator that’s set on the mildest setting. If the vibe comes on too strong, you may use it over a blanket.

4. Using discretion – First-timers may find it embarrassing to buy in a brick and mortar sex shop. That’s understandable. Yet, there are now plenty of online stores to buy from. However, if you’d really want a testing in a traditional store, it’s good to try on a ring, maybe a massager or a mini vibe. Store clerks will just be happy to demonstrate it for you and are excited to answer your most erotic question.

More couples these days are taking advantage of adult toys than ever before. For the newbie user, explain to your mate the gadget isn’t a replacement but rather, an enhancement to your usual drive. It helps her speed up her arousal so that she reaches orgasm on time, build more intimacy, and further, allow for more extraordinary sensations.

In case you still feel shy, ask any of the seasoned Best Escorts in Sydney to help you get the right sex toy.

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