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Best Escorts in Sydney – 4 Sex Positions to Up the Ante In Bed

Do you want to make sex more interesting than it was before? According to Best Escorts in Sydney, one way to achieve such is by introducing never-before-done sex positions. This idea is basically for the purpose of veering away from the monotonous experience, something that can affect a woman’s pleasure. So if you want to make every night different from one another, then try introduce these sex positions from now on. Check them out below!

Best Escorts in SydneyThe Pillow Technique

Many sex experts agree that positions often become more pleasurable for a woman when a pillow or blanket is added to create a new angle of entry. In missionary, simply put a pillow under her ass to give a pelvic lift. That can also help the man rub her g-spot with his penis. It’s a tip that is often underutilized, and that you can even use furniture or yoga props. Remember that certain angles for some women won’t be comfortable, so it might be a good idea to ask her what is working for her.

The Coital Technique

This position was created by psychotherapist Edward Eichel. Until today, it is considered by many to be the greatest sex position in the world. Start in a normal missionary position with your full body weight on top of the woman, not resting on your elbows. Move forward so that the base of your penis (your pubic bone) is making direct contact with her clitoris. Her legs should be around your thighs and you should be moving together in a rhythmic, rocking motion. Some swear that this position allows for the closest physical connection and the best clitoral stimulation based on his positioning.

The “Up Her Ankles”

When you’re on top of somebody or flat, you can’t always achieve full penetration. This is why adjusting her leg positioning is important, as it allows for deeper contact. You have to put her ankles up over your shoulders. It allows you to go as deep inside of her as possible and hit her G-spot. The same deepness can also be achieved by her bending her knees or placing the soles of her feet on your chest.

The Kneeling

This is a simple woman-on-top position where she’s, well, kneeling on an arm chair or bed, straddling you. It’s the best way for her to have control over penetration and when you both climax since she can slow down or speed up, grind and thrust at her own pace. Keep in mind that even women who don’t necessarily want to be in control in bed might enjoy if their partner grips her arms or hips and helps steer their movements.

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