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Best Escorts in Sydney | 4 Biggest Signs she’s looking for A Kiss

It’s happened to you once or twice before. You lean in to lock your lips with hers, and meet only air or her cheek. There’s a difference between being with one of the Best Escorts in Sydney, having a girlfriend experience, and being on a date with that girl you hooked up with at the bar the day before.

When your first kiss is rejected or somehow goes awry, it’s going to sting, no questions asked. However, it can be avoided by observing and taking note of your situation before literally diving right in. Remember that being on a date doesn’t entitle you to a kiss – at least, not the passionate one you may be envisioning. So how do you know you’re connected enough for that lip-lock to happen?

Best Escorts in Sydney

  1. She tilts her head to the side. When two people kiss, they need to tilt their heads so their noses don’t awkwardly bump or get squashed. If she does this while keeping her eyes locked on yours, then go ahead and kiss her. Make sure you don’t overdo it, though; it should be light and a little teasing, in case she isn’t aware of the message her body language is sending.

Forget the sloppy kiss that’s best reserved for make-out sessions on the couch; that will make her think twice about inviting a kiss the next time.

  1. She stays put. Let’s say you walk her back to her flat and bid her goodnight at the door. If she still doesn’t move, she’s waiting for you to do something. Cliché as it may seem because of the many times this kind of scene has shown up in a film, she’s actually waiting for that goodnight kiss.
  2. She allows other forms of touch. You decide to go for a stroll after dinner, and she reaches for your hand or lets you drape an arm around her shoulders. While this isn’t as big a sign as the one above, it’s still a good one. After all, if she keeps her distance, she’s hardly going to allow you to kiss her. So if she lets you get close, then you haven’t done anything to make her not feel connected to you.
  3. She leans toward you. This is pretty significant, especially if she does it first rather than doing so in response to you leaning towards her. However, don’t wait for her to make the move. Meet her halfway instead, because she won’t like feeling like she’s the only one making the effort.

Of course, these are only signs that you’ve got high chances of getting that first kiss with her, so make sure you pay attention to other things and don’t focus just on these hints. If you think you still need to work on how you act around ladies and how you treat them, go ahead and look for the Best Escorts in Sydney to help you out, so you’re less nervous during an actual date.

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