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Best Escorts in Sydney | 3 More Hot & Sleazy Podcasts to Tune in To This 2017

If the usual radio talk shows are starting to bore you to sleep, perhaps you check out the different podcasts online! The good thing is that the Worldwide Web offers a treasure trove of podcasts which discuss anything from shopping to politics, romance, academics, careers and even sex! The sex podcasts are a truly interesting bunch too, as you’ll find ones that offer raunchy stories, while others serve academic studies of various sex cultures from around the world. Here are more hot and sleazy podcasts to check out this 2017.


If the usual radio talk shows don’t sound fun and enticing anymore, perhaps you should check out this erotic podcast tonight, most preferably with your hookup partners, or with the hot and steamy Best Escorts in Sydney!

Best Escorts in Sydney

Hosted by Jaclyn Friedman, the show untangles the complex world of sex advice, as it offers talk on stuff like how to lose your virginity, and it even discusses various angles of the sexual culture (From lady bushes to senior sex, slut-shaming and more!). The show’s host also interacts with her listeners, answers questions and encourages healthy engagement too!

New York Magazine‘s Sex Lives

If you literally want to stay updated with the latest sexual trends and vocabulary, and you’d like to get advice and fun topics from the experts too, then check out New York Magazine’s Sex lives!

The show features New York Magazine editors and sex reporters like Allison Davis and Maureen O’Connor, who share personal sex stories, as well as explore topics ranging from what’s it like to date a very famous person, to whether or not the French are better at sex that the Americans!

The People of Kink

Looking for a podcast which talks of nothing except BDSM? Well, at The People of Kink, you’ll hear interviews with different individuals who have already ventured into the fun and mysterious world of BDSM.

Here, you’ll hear a wide assortment of topics ranging from how to find a dominant or submissive, to plenty of commentary about the history and mechanics of BDSM, as well as talk about serious stuff like depression among the BDSM community and more.

Perhaps after checking out this podcast, you and your girlfriend, or lovely Sydney Best Escorts, will agree that the show is both enlightening and riveting at the same time!

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