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Best Escorts in Sydney – 3 Cool Ideas for Using Your Hands While Having Sex

If you’re good at using your hands at, let’s say, eating or handling certain types of machinery, well that’s good. But are you good at using your hands in – bed? If you’re not, then don’t worry for we’ve asked a few of the world’s best sex experts to provide us with a couple of helpful hints on how to effectively use your hands on your lover in bed.

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Trace Her Body
Whether you’re in bed now with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sizzling Best Escorts in Sydney, pretend you’re an artist by drawing every edge and crease of her body with your finger! This surely gets her focusing on sensation.

To trace her body the right way, first trace the border of her lips, her soft inner thighs, the roundness of her breasts. Make sure you hit every inch of her with a soft, barely-there touch, and you’re sure to drive her wild!

Spread Her Lips
While your tongue may play the starring role during oral sex, your hands still deserve a little stage time! Sex experts stress hat spreading her pussy lips with your fingers makes her feel more exposed, and for most women, that level of vulnerability helps heighten the excitement! Another way to occupy your hands during oral sex is to grab her hand and give it a quick squeeze, which would be a lovely way to stay romantically connected!

Let Her Guide Your Hand
The sex experts also added your go-to strokes and preferred intensity probably won’t work when pleasuring your lady. It’s because when men masturbate, their touch is often fairly rough. So, if they apply this much pressure on the ladies, then it would hurt them.

This means that watching your lady’s solo sessions can be key to learning the different types of touch that turn her on. But if your lady’s a bit shy to let you observe, then you could ask for some good-old hands-one education!

With the “handwriting technique, your girlfriend, or lovely Best Escorts in Sydney, takes your hand and shows you how to touch her in the way that feels best!

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