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Sydney Best Escorts | An Edgy, Exciting Look at the “Edge of Your Seat” Sex Position

Looking for extra fun and kinky sex positions to try out in bed tonight? Well, why don’t you try something called the “Edge of Your Seat” sex position, which is actually a great blowjob technique (and it totally works for cunnilingus too!). Here’s a brief yet edgy, and exciting look at how the sex position works, and what its pros and cons are.


The “Edge of Your Seat” blowjob position is actually one of the newest favourites for kinky role play, as the placement of the blowjob receiver in a chair is perfect for some sleazy Domination scenarios with your girlfriend, or your preferred Sydney Best Escorts!

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The one giving the blowjob or cunnilingus can actually use restraints to keep their partner tied to the chair, while putting them at mercy of the doer’s oral attentions, which can either be painfully slow and deliberate, or fast and used in conjunction with a vibe or prostate massager!

Potential Cons or Drawbacks

While the “Edge of Your Seat” blowjob/cunnilingus position lets the person performing the act full access to their partner’s most sensitive body parts, it however does not exactly easily over reciprocation.

And if this is a must for any sex position you use, you could consider adding or using warm massage oil that’s derived from a candle, or you could use a ten-minutes on, ten-minutes off system or technique for lavishing extra attention onto each other! The “Edge of Your Seat” blowjob/cunnilingus position is rated 1/5 on the difficulty scale, which makes it a very convenient position for the doer, as well as the receiver.

According to sex experts, giving a man a good blowjob (or giving a woman a great cunnilingus job) requires a lot of things. For starters, you need to have the right mindset, the right techniques, as well as learning some great positions (like the “Edge of Your Seat” method) to make him or her scream with pleasure.

Perhaps you could try this technique tonight (or this week) when you see your hookup partner, or your preferred Best Escorts in Sydney!

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