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4 Female ORGASMS That Every MAN Must KNOW!

Men in particular talk about a lot of things; politics, society, current events, ideas, etc. But do you know where most of those conversations end up? “Lust, ORGASMS, or SEX!”

That said, sex is one of the most mysterious things on the planet. It’s somehow a puzzle, a maze, or a colossal labyrinth – all need to be solved and unraveled to grasp the secrets.

However, the sad thing is, most men only discuss about how large their cocks are, how hot their girls, or how fun their sex was, and a lot more! Blah…Blah…Blah…

But what about pleasing their woman? (The exact way) Do they already know that there are different kinds of female orgasms? What about you?

1. Clitoral Climax


“When female’s clitoris is fortified… good times roll dude!”

Clitoris is a magic button for women. Once you hit the 10 or 2 o’clock zones, you’re on the way to giving her the ultimate ‘O!’ Indeed, it has a mind-blowing 8,000 nerve endings and also considered as the only organ fabricated for sexual pleasure.

What to do with the clitoris? Lick it! Kiss it! Touch it! Enjoy and savor it! And never forget to hit the right zones until she unleashes those resounding moans! Dude! You have to use everything you have got. Be mindful that this one can totally send her into spine-tingling bliss and toe-curling satisfactions!

2. Vaginal Orgasms


“This one requires you more skills.”

You’re aiming for the pussy right now. Unlike the clitoris where caressing, fondling and touching are needed, this one is when the real action starts – PENETRATION!

But don’t be deceived. You’re perky member may be the best candidate for this pleasure adventure, but you should also think of some alternatives like your fingers or sex toy! Why? Because the pussy is also a mysterious thing!

The secret in here is actually to hit the G-Spot, which is usually on the frontal wall of the inner pussy. So, if you already know where that erroneous zone is located, ignite it! Turn that magical switch by constantly hitting it!

Think! Use your cock!

3. Blended Orgasms


“This one will drive her INSANE!”

Just imagine clitoris and vaginal orgasms all mixed up! Sounds impossible? No, it’s not! You just need a little coordination, a lot of communication, timing, patience, and the perfect rhythm to bring her in this phenomenal

“orgasmic kingdom!”

Here it is: While licking her clitoris, put your fingers insider her wetness and use them to hit the G-spot. Or you could do the other way around like, rubbing the clitoris while your cock is insider her! – recommended while doing the doggy style.

4. Multiple Orgasms


“According to some of the Best Sydney Escorts, this is the holy grail of sexual bliss!”

You might think that this one is extremely complicated. Actually, it’s not! Women can enter into a series of orgasms, in a very swift succession. What?! You’re right. They’re not like men that after reaching the peak, it’s over.

Hence, when they reach the climax, bring her more! Keep it up! This will make her scream with ultimate pleasure!

Are you ready?

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